Pnevmatik dumaloq arra kesish mashinasi

Pnevmatik dumaloq arra kesish mashinasi

Pneumatic circular saw cutting machine is a special equipment working for accurate and efficient cutting of metal pipes. It cuts the pipe with a circular saw blade made of high-speed steel. The machine is work to cut different materials such as metal pipes like iron, steel, copper, aluminum, etc., and can also cut solid bars. The machine adopts an air-hydraulic pressurized cylinder to feed the saw blade, and the feed speed is adjustable. The unit is equipped with a pneumatic vise that holds the pipe firmly in place during the cut, preventing material from moving during the cut, while protecting the saw blade from breakage.

Pneumatic Circular Saw Cutting Machine Parameters

  • Idoralar litsenziyasi: Ha
  • Cutting Pipe Size: 80x80mm
  • Kesish burchagi: 45-135 Degree
  • Saw Blade Drive Motors: 4/3.0 Kw
  • Kuchlanishi: 380V/50HZ or customized
  • Saw Blade Model: 315×32
  • Saw Blade Thickness: According to material thickness
  • Saw Teeth Quantity: According to material thickness
  • Saw Blade Speed:60/120 RPM
  • Harakatlanuvchi quvvat: Pnevmatik
  • Havo bosimi: 6-0.8 MPA
  • Air Consumption:120 L/Min
  • Available Material: Iron, stainless steel, copper, and other metal
  • Dimension: 800 x650 x 1500mm
  • Sof og'irlik: 220 Kgs
  • Kafolat: Machine warranty 24 months, Cutting Blades warranty 6 months


Circular saw cutters are versatile tools that can work for a variety of metal cutting applications.

The head of the pneumatic circular saw cutting machine can be rotated, and the operator can adjust the angle between 45 degrees and 135 degrees according to the needs. It has an angle ruler, which is convenient for adjustment and easy to operate.

Pneumatic circular saw cutters are commonly working for the plumbing, construction, and manufacturing industries, to cut pipe to specific lengths and dimensions. Compared with manual tube machines, they are faster, more efficient, safer, cleaner, and more accurate.

Metal Tube Cutting: Circular saw cutting machines are commonly working for the plumbing, construction, furniture, and shelf manufacturing industries for cutting metal tubes of different diameters and thicknesses. They can be directly and accurately cut to specific lengths, and the section is flat and burr-free, so as to achieve precise assembly and connection.

Angle Cutting: Circular saw cutters cut steel angles to precise lengths and angles, ideal for a variety of structural applications. They are commonly working for the construction and manufacturing industries to make frames, brackets, and other structural components.

Solid Bar Cutting: Circular saw cutting machines can cut solid bars of various sizes and materials, including steel, aluminum, and other metals. They are commonly working in the manufacturing and construction industries to make machine parts, tools, and other components.

Overall, circular saw cutters are versatile tools that can work for a variety of metal cutting applications. They provide fast and precise cuts, increasing the productivity and efficiency of metalworking operations. In case customers need more production and automation, CNC Fully Auto Circular Saw Cutting Machine is available for higher production needs. 

Pneumatic Circular Saw Cutting Machine Specifications

The circular saw cutting machine uses a powerful 2.4kw/3.0Kw motor to drive the saw blade, which can cut solid bars with a maximum thickness of 40mm. The air-hydraulic pressurized cylinder works to provide powerful and stable feed. Pneumatic clamps work to clamp materials automatically. The cutting feed stroke is controlled by the sensor. When cutting small materials, the stroke is adjustable a little smaller to improve efficiency. The stroke is accurate and the cutting efficiency is high. The feed speed is adjustable, the speed of the saw blade is adjustable, and the cutting angle is adjustable, which can adapt to more than 95% of conventional cutting tasks.


  • Kuchli: Kuchli kesish motori barqarorlik va chidamlilikni ta'minlaydi.
  • Kesish quvvati: It can cut up to 80mm square tubes and round pipes, and up to 40mm solid bars.
  • Xavfsizlik xususiyatlari: The machine has a halfway reset function and an emergency stop button, and a saw blade guard is available for preventing accidents and injuries.
  • High-precision and high-quality: The machine table is precision-grinded, which can ensure that the saw blade moves vertically to the machine table, and that the cutting edge surface is smooth and burr-free.
  • Adjustable saw blade speed: The saw blade speed is adjustable from 60RPM-120RPM, according to the thickness of the cutting material.
  • Adjustable feed speed: The cutter feed speed is adjustable according to the cutting demand. It can be adjusted faster when cutting thin materials to improve efficiency, and slower when cutting thick materials to protect the saw blade.
  • Adjustable cutting angle: The machine cutter head is rotatable at an angle of 45-135 degrees, with an angle ruler, easy operation.
  • Adjustable cutting stroke: The cutting stroke is adjustable, and can adjust according to the material size to improve efficiency.
  • Coolant water pump: The machine has a coolant water pump, which automatically sprays coolant to protect the saw blade during cutting, which can effectively prolong the life of the saw blade.
  • Kam texnik xizmat ko'rsatish: circular saw-cutting machines are generally low maintenance and require minimal lubrication and cleaning.
  • Kafolat: 24 months warranty for the circular saw cutting machine, whole life after-sales service.

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Pnevmatik dumaloq arra kesish mashinasi