Frequently Asked Questions

What do you manufacture and supply?

We manufacture standard model and customized solutions for hydraulic punching machinery which include,

Do you ship overseas, what if customers have no importing license at local?

Yes, we?ll ship your package anywhere that can accept deliveries. We can arrange our cooperated company to help you do the customs clearance at local.

How can I start the order?
  1. Inquiry?Show us your pipe size drawing and tell us your requirements.
  2. Offer?We provide several solutions for your choosing.
  3. Negotiate?price, payment, delivery. Order confirmation.
  4. Samples?Send us your product’s partial samples by express delivery.
  5. Inspection?By video inspection or on-site inspection in our factory.
  6. Delivery?Arrange shipment.
What is the warranty on machines?

24 months from the date of dispatch. Free to replace malfunction parts within the warranty period.

How to get The Most Suitable Quote?

Different pipe and process require different tonnage, every models of punching machines have different tonnages along with different prices.

A reasonable quote should be made according to suitable tonnage and affordable prices.

  1. maat tekening,
  2. Pijp/profielen materiaal,
  3. Pijpmaten en -dikte,
  4. Leiding maximale lengte,
  5. Gatgrootte en afstand,
  6. Hoeveel stukken pijp verwerkte productie vereist?
How many days of manufacturing time you need?

7 days if the standard machine, 20-60 days if customized solutions.