Slik installerer du hydraulisk 90 graders vinkelhakkmaskin

Hydraulic 90 Degrees Angle Notching Machine Installation Instruction

How To Install Hydraulic 90 Degrees Angle Notching Machine? Ruiguang Machinery produces the qualified and certified Hydraulic 90 Degrees Angle Notching Machine,  and provides the best aft sales service with full technical guides and professional maintenance tips. Please read below installation instructions below, please follow the steps before starting up the machine.

1. Klargjør 60 liter hydraulikkolje

Prepare 60 liters of hydraulic oil, and fill hydraulic oil into the oil tank until the level gauge is full.

Please make sure to fill enough hydraulic oil, insufficient hydraulic oil will cause the oil temperature to rise too quickly.

If oil is less than 40 liters, the hydraulic system cannot work.

1. Klargjør 60 liter hydraulikkolje

2. Connect the power supply

Connect the power supply, and connect the machine to 3-phase electric power, the machine voltage is customized according to the customer?s local voltage(220V-600V), frequency 50Hz/60Hz.

All our machines are equipped with current overload protection, when the motor is overloaded or running abnormally, the overload protector will automatically disconnect to prevent damage to electrical components.

2. Connect power supply

3. Start the motor

Start the motor, and check the direction of motor rotation, motor fan blade should rotate clockwise.

If it is wrong, please exchange any two wires of the 3 live wires.

3. Start the motor

4. Install the positioning stopper rack

Install the positioning stopper rack, and adjust rack height according to the 90-degree notching mold height.

4. Install the positioning stopper rack

5. Start the machine

Firstly, choose Manual Mode, press the Manual Down/Up button,

Secondly, check whether the sensor can work properly.

Thirdly, then press the Auto/Manual button,

Four, change the machine to Auto Mode.

Five, Step on the foot switch and check whether the machine action is correct.

5. Start The Machine